Birdwatching (all year round): 

South-East Sicily is a focal point in the migratory routes of many species, and therefore ideal for birdwatching: waders, herons, storks, flamingos and, moreover, mallards, gulls, cormorants and the knight of Italy stop here on their way from the Sahara desert to the nesting grounds in northern Europe.
- Natural Reserve Area River Ciane (3km south Siracusa)
-  (35km south Siracusa)
- Marzamemi (40km south Siracusa)
- Pacchino (45km south Siracusa)
Free Bicicletta

Enjoy, in winter with 20 degrees(!), Syracuse and its wonders riding one of Hotel Cavalieris' bicycle. Can not be booked. Subject to availability.
Antico Mercato del Pesce, Monday-Saturday from 8 to 12 hrs, in Via Trento, Ortigia 

Discover also typical Sicilian fishes, eg tunafish or swordfish, and crustaceans of the Mediterranean Sea, sold by the local fishermen at the fish market. 

Look video of fish market